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While traditional recruitment agencies are responsible for advertising roles and finding suitable candidates, this can quite often take longer to find the best candidate for the position and doesn’t necessarily free up the time and resources of an HR department. However, Recruitment Process Outsourcing providers can take this pain away and are an effective solution to handling all processes of recruitment, including advertising, screening, interviews, salary negotiations, placement and onboarding.

Recruitment can be time-consuming and most importantly, can cost an arm and a leg to really find the ideal candidate. Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) is ideal for companies looking to outsource the management of their recruitment to free up precious time and resources.

If you are considering expanding your team or looking to expand to new territories, we do recommend looking into Recruitment Process Outsourcing as an effective solution to recruiting.

What is Recruitment Process Outsourcing?

What is meant by recruitment process outsourcing? Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) is the means of outsourcing the entire recruitment process, from start to finish, giving you access to the best quality candidates within a short time frame.

Rather than juggling recruitment and onboarding new employees, an RPO provider can manage your entire recruitment process for higher-quality candidates and minimal resources needed to find them.

An Recruitment Process Outsourcing provider can take responsibility for advertising for positions, sourcing candidates, screening candidates, the entire interview process, testing and assessing candidates, background checks and screening, salary negotiations, placement, onboarding and reporting. It’s worth understanding that an RPO provider can take on full or part responsibility for these actions.

Why Outsource Recruitment?

If you’ve read our guide to the Profit-Driven Reasons To Outsource Recruitment, you’ll know that outsourcing your recruitment can be advantageous to any organisation looking to expand or streamline their recruitment. 

Outsourcing recruitment can offer a quick hire recruitment process, reduction in costs, better quality of candidates and hires, reduced time spent interviewing, access to new graduates most suitable to the position, as well as giving you time to focus on what’s important in your business.

And, most importantly, whether you’re recruiting in your own country or expanding to other corners of the world, outsourcing your recruitment can ensure legal compliance is covered and that you are complying with local hiring regulations.

Of course, outsourcing your recruitment can also reduce the burden on your HR department, meaning that your HR department can handle performance management reviews, take care of employee wellbeing and provide ongoing guidance and support for the wider team.

Recruitment Process Outsourcing VS Traditional Recruitment Agencies

The difference between RPO and traditional recruitment agencies is evidently clear. While Recruitment Process Outsourcing is the process of transferring all responsibility for recruitment to a third-party service, traditional recruitment agencies use more traditional methods of recruiting. For a long time, traditional recruitment agencies have been the go-to, whereas now, RPO is growing in popularity as an entirely new concept.

Traditional recruitment agencies are typically involved in recruitment, however, in Recruitment Process Outsourcing, the client transfers all or part of its recruitment processes to take on full responsibility and essentially acts as an extension of a client’s HR department. 

Traditional recruitment agencies provide a great pool of candidates and are effective in finding candidates that align with your company goals and long-term plans. However, there is also the downside that traditional recruitment can be costly and there’s no guarantee that the candidate is an appropriate cultural fit.

On the other hand, with Recruitment Process Outsourcing, you’re more likely to make cost savings as the recruitment process is entirely optimised, you can take advantage of specialised market knowledge for a tailored experience that suits your business best, you’ll have direct access to data and in-depth reports, and an RPO provider can give your business the scalability it needs.

The only real disadvantage to recruitment workforce outsourcing is that the control of the recruitment process is all taken care of by the RPO provider, which, for most businesses, is something that can save them time and money, with the ability to focus on what really matters.

Determining the Right RPO Recruitment Solution For You

Recruitment Process Outsourcing providers typically take care of recruitment, the legal compliance of recruitment, candidate screening, onboarding, and everything in between. This means that your provider will take full control of this aspect leaving you to get on with other tasks that mean more.

For some businesses, this can be a scary thought, which is why you can determine how involved your RPO provider is and which aspects you would like to stay in control of. It’s worth understanding that you will still have full control over any decisions and negotiations, but the provider will do this on your behalf. This doesn’t mean that you lose control.

If you do prefer the idea of taking full responsibility for some of the tasks that an RPO provider will typically be responsible for, then this is also completely fine. An RPO provider can take full control or partial control over these aspects of recruitment.

Wondering how to determine the right RPO recruitment solution for you? With our global service Recruitment Process Outsourcing, we work with you to find the ideal balance of recruitment for a solution that works best for your business. We understand that some businesses prefer to take full responsibility for recruitment, others will want an RPO provider to take some responsibility, whereas other companies may want the responsibility taken over completely.

Tailored Recruitment Outsourcing

We provide a global service for managing your entire recruitment process that saves costs and drives profit within your business. We take the time to learn and adapt to your company’s culture and values in order to align our recruitment for better quality hires.

Some of the industries we have worked with include IT, telecom, project management, cyber and IT security, sales, compliance, legal, accountancy and finance, engineering, and banking.

If you’d like to find out more about recruitment process outsourcing, global recruitment, RPO solutions, or are curious about why you need to outsource recruitment, please get in touch to see how we can help your business.

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