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Spanish Economy to Bounce Back to Pre-pandemic Levels in 2022

Spain is expected to return to pre-pandemic GDP levels by the end of 2022, with a strong rebound in new business and consumer spending. The implementation of Spain’s Recovery & Resilience Plan will play an important role: domestic demand should be sufficient enough on its own for economic expansion through 2021 while external demand recovers at more normal levels as well when international tourist visits have improved. A recent IMF report forecasts significant growth for Spain in 2022, but it will return to pre-pandemic levels later than France and Germany. The Spanish economy shrank much more last year, so they projected a slower economic expansion rate. In 2020, Spain ranked #30 in the World Bank’s Ease of Doing Business index (Sources: OECD, European Commission, and El Pais).

XML employs workers for you in Switzerland
Quick, Simple, Compliant.

A trusted professional employment organization with in-depth knowledge of the Spanish market, XML International provides you with end-to-end personalised solutions to recruit and manage remote team members for your activities in Madrid or any other city in Spain regardless of the size of your organisation or your industry.

Employees will be employed pursuant to local labour laws, and all required social security and taxation will be paid to the local Authorities.

Switzerland Country Information

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Local Currency

Swiss Franc CHF

Official Languages

German, French, Romansh and Italian 

Switzerland Minimum wage

There is no minimum wage by law in Switzerland

Switzerland Normal working hours

On average the Swiss working week is between 40 and 42 hours.

Switzerland Annual leave

The minimum holiday entitlement is four weeks per year

Switzerland Sick leave

Generally, workers are entitled to sick pay depending on the duration of their service:

First year of service: workers are entitled to three weeks of pay
Second year: workers are entitled between one and two months of pay
Third year: workers are entitled between eight and nine weeks of pay

Switzerland Maternity leave

Female workers are entitled to a total of 14 weeks of maternity leave after birth. Mothers are paid 80% of their earnings in the form of a maternity allowance of up to 196 francs per day. Cantonal provisions, personnel regulations and collective employment contracts may provide for more generous solutions.

Switzerland Paternity leave

Workers are entitled to 2 weeks in 6 months of paternity leave after birth. 

Switzerland Notice Period

In case of ordinary dismissal, the following notice periods must be respected:

Probation period: 7 days

1 year: 1 month 

2nd to 9th year of service: 2 months 

10 years of service: 3 months 

Switzerland Probation period

The probation period is, in principle, reserved for open-ended employment contracts, so that in principle, no probation period applies in case of a fixed-term contract. However, the parties may mutually agree in writing to include one in the fixed-term employment contract.

For open-ended employment contracts, if not stated otherwise, the first month of employment is considered as the probation period. It can be excluded or extended by written agreement to a maximum of three months. During the probation period, either party may terminate the employment agreement at any time with seven days’ notice. No further mandatory actions are needed upon expiry of the probation period.


Switzerland VAT

The standard VAT rate is 7.7%

(Sources: Ch.ch,  Deloitte )

Unlock your business potential in Switzerland with XML International.

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XML employs workers for you in Switzerland

Quick, Simple, Compliant

XML International, one of the best workforce solutions and employer of record services providers for Switzerland, supports the set-up and the management of your international workforce for all your activities in Switzerland. Our invaluable input consists of streamlining and handling for you the complete employment lifecycle of your teams in Switzerland. We give you all the keys to handle you staff in Bern or any city in Switzerland. XML’s knowledge of Swiss labour laws, tax and social security system, and employment regulations allows you to tackle the challenges of local compliance in Switzerland, navigate all the local complexities and avoid pitfalls.

The Best Employment Outsourcing Solutions for Switzerland

Smart Management of your Employees in Switzerland

Among our top priorities, compliance with Swiss employment regulations and labour laws is number one. In addition to talent acquisition, recruitment services, and workforce management, we also ensure that our clients’ workforce management in Switzerland is aligned with Swiss tax and social security rules and the latest immigration processes, including visas and work permits.

Here is the list of our core services supporting your activities in Switzerland

• GEO Services for Switzerland (PEO and EOR)

• Contingent Workforce Services for Switzerland

• Managed Solutions Programs for Switzerland

• RPO & Staff Mobilization for Switzerland

Do Business in Switzerland, with or without creating your local legal entity

Take advantage of the targeted outsourcing solutions proposed by XML International for your expansion into Switzerland or for your employees already based there. We offer a comprehensive series of bespoke and scalable outsourcing solutions specially designed for the Swiss market.

They range from professional employer organization employment (PEO), employer of record, and contingent workforce employment services, to help you grow effortlessly and successfully in Switzerland without any complications. We can also help you source, recruit, and onboard new team members locally, even if you don’t have an office in Switzerland.

XML provides you with everything you need to start doing business in Switzerland or to optimize your business if you are already operating there, leading to significant bottom-line savings and getting your business activities up and running in just days. Get in touch with the XML team to learn how we can boost your activities in Switzerland in a cost-effective way. 

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