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Need to upgrade your contingent workforce recruitment, deployment and management? Consider XML International’s global MSP solutions for CWM. Our managed services programs help attract the top talent you need while reducing the costs and time spent finding employees or contractors through external sources. We take over some – or all – of your human resources and procurement departments’ tasks, managing the temporary labor lifecycle from requisition to invoicing and payment.

Increase productivity and scalability with a motivated workforce while reducing the pressure on your HRM teams.

Manage your Contingent Workforce as a Strategic Resource

Start planning Contingent labor with confidence

As your MSP partner, we help you plan and run your contingent workforce programs. We oversee all your flexible staffing arrangements, including temporary workers, independent contractors, freelancers, and gig workers. Using resource planning and statement of work (SOW) management to optimize your temps’ deployment abroad, we manage day-to-day operations, facilitating requisition processing, supply chain management, transactional reporting, vendor management, and more.

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Decide what's the best scenario for your business

With XML International’s MSP solutions for contingent workforce, you get outstanding recruitment outsourcing services. We are responsible for selecting, engaging, and supervising your on-demand workers, contractors, and other non-permanent teams. We choose suppliers that meet your staffing needs on a project basis. We can also place orders with third-party vendors – using our VMS – while maintaining end-to-end compliance throughout the entire process.


Regardless of your objectives, the volume of hires, and their location, we propose several fully customizable MSP plans to help you reduce the time to productivity of your contingent workforce. Wherever you decide to trust our managed services programs – in North America, Latin America, Asia-Pacific, Europe, the Middle East, or Africa – we will use our knowledge of foreign markets, SOWs, and global reach to get you quality services, at the best price, from suppliers worldwide.

Master Vendor

We take on full responsibility for filling your temporary vacancies. We engage closely with your hiring managers to avoid any misunderstanding about the position. We hire people directly in a short timeframe. In our master vendor service model, all orders come to us first and are distributed to secondary suppliers – only when necessary. We ensure that each of your requests is error-free and completed timely and flawlessly.

Vendor Neutral

When we take on the vendor neutral role, you don’t have to worry about seeking and vetting candidates. We handle the entire management of the supplier base on your behalf. All vendors must meet our compliance standards and benchmark for candidate quality before they’re allowed in. All suppliers are given an equal opportunity to fill each order, not just one or two big names who might get preferential treatment. Our vendor-neutral model’s advantage is that the best supplier with the best candidate will fill each position in the most ethical way possible.

Hybrid option

Every client company is different, and so are their needs. We understand that contingent workforce management challenges are different from business to business. Some might be looking for a contingency plan to blend various sourcing models to meet their unique needs. They probably need hybrid managed services programs with vendor-neutral elements coupled with master vendor program attributes. No matter what is required, our experts know exactly how to get things done. Just tell us your specific requirements, and we will align your SOW and our MSP agreement accordingly.

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best in class vendor management system

XML International’s VMS is a powerful tool for measuring, analyzing, and optimizing the performance of your company’s supplier base according to your statement of work. The platform’s technology helps provide real-time visibility into the state of all your vendors. Each CWM process is streamlined, making everyone’s life much easier. We use a single record system for all time and expense submittals and approvals, resulting in a consolidated invoicing system for your entire non-permanent people. We also help you identify the functionality you need, run essential operations, and provide training and support – everything in an easy-to-use system that will save you time and money.

risk-Free control of your contingent staffing costs

keep your global CWM Agile and compliant

Trusting XML International’s MSP solutions is the best way to control costs from your staffing partners. It also means that you reduce the time-to-hire top global talent provided by external vendors. With our compliance expertise, you are also protected from litigation risks following a worker’s misclassification across all categories of non-permanent workers. Finally, we can provide you with insights on labor trends to make more informed contingent workforce strategic decisions.

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In a competitive temporary workforce market with increasingly complex contingent talent and interim staffing needs, along with numerous MSP recruitment companies to choose from, utilizing XML International’s managed service programs is the most valuable and secure solution, with countless benefits.

We always go the extra mile to ensure that you don’t get penalized in foreign countries with different ethical sourcing standards or trade regulations. What this means for you, as a client, is absolute peace of mind knowing that we have already taken care of everything beforehand.

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