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Why you Need a Global EOR in 2022 | XML International

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With Covid-19, the employment industry has been turned upside down, and, in the wake of the Great Resignation, many specialists question the future of recruitment and employment. With such extreme employee turnover and tight labor markets, what can businesses do to find, bulk up, and maintain their global workforce during their international expansion? The answer may be as simple as ‘Global Employer of Record Services.’ Let’s take a look at how partnering with a global EOR can help you thrive and achieve successful human resources strategies in a candidate-driven environment.

The State of the Global Employment Market in 2022

A Candidate-Driven Employment Ecosystem

In 2022, the job market will continue to be driven by candidate expectations. With record-high turnover levels and increasing numbers of job openings, the global talent competition has never been fiercer. Going forward, it will become even more difficult for business owners and talent acquisition professionals to onboard, augment, and motivate their workforce.


Job seekers, potential hires, and employees alike take control of their careers while companies worldwide keep struggling to improve their hiring process and reach more candidates. At the center stage, potential employees and new hires now have unprecedented power over employers, and businesses become more dependent on their human resource strategy.

It’s Time to Invest in your Employee Value Proposition

The world is experiencing a talent shortage. Recruiters and hiring managers work with smaller pools of qualified candidates and don’t know how to address the issue. In 2022, many organizations will still have trouble finding skilled people to fill their open positions but will remain in denial because they don’t understand why all this is happening. Activity drops everywhere at a record pace, and only those trying to bite the bullet will have an edge in attracting and retaining talent.


Jumping to quick fixes is well-intentioned, but it’s not a viable solution. For example, increasing financial perks can be useless or even counterintuitive if you don’t make any effort to strengthen relationships with potential applicants and candidates. As more jobs become available with less talent able or willing to take them on, now may seem like the perfect time to invest in building up your employee value proposition (EVP) and, ultimately, consider hiring an employer of record.


The pandemic has created a new normal where employers struggle to attract, engage and retain top talent, but it’s not all bad news! Actually, in 2022, only forward-thinking businesses using the global labor market disruption as an opportunity to promote their employer brand, revamp the candidate experience, improve employment contracts, and transform their approach to employment have a chance to keep their competitive edge.

The Whole Employment Experience Must Change

Appreciation, rather than Just Transaction

When applying for a job, candidates and applicants want to feel like they are investing in their future. They need the position not only to provide them with financial compensation but also give back something worthwhile—a renewed sense of purpose that will keep them energized throughout this new chapter in their life. So, maybe it’s time to focus on appreciation instead of only proposing a financial “transaction” that reminds them that their real aspirations might not be fulfilled.

Interaction, rather than Just Onboarding

Job seekers want more than just a salary and benefits. They need to feel valued by the company they work for, which is why recruiters must focus on creating more meaningful interactions with potential hires – not necessarily in-person – rather than simply screening resumes en masse or going through traditional methods of candidate hiring. If you want to stand out and attract people, maybe it’s time to rethink your recruitment processes and the complete HR function, improve your employer brand, and promote what makes your company truly unique with the support of a global employer of record?

Satisfaction, rather than Just Compensation

Over time, the market will progressively recover, but talent acquisition professionals need to become more agile and creative when recruiting new team members. Not understanding what the workforce is looking for puts companies at risk. Employers and HR managers must invest time and money to improve candidate experience and employee benefits, like coming up with better work-life balance initiatives or proposing more options for autonomy and flexibility.


A Global EOR can help you Handle the 2022 Job Market

The need for creativity and innovation in the hiring process has never been more pressing. With new choices available to candidates, employers are left clueless about how they can attract hard-to-source talent. Offering flexibility with remote work options or hybrid solutions that keep employees happy—all without breaking the bank or hurting the company’s culture—is no easy task, and sometimes it’s not enough. Along the way, many senior executives will be challenged to reimagine how they lead. The skills that made leaders effective before the pandemic are just table stakes for the challenge of the months and years ahead. This is why global EOR services are the way forward.

EOR Services to Boost Quality-of-Hire and Time-to-Hire

Employers of record can help recruiters and hiring managers understand better the candidates’ needs and develop empathy. They know that businesses must focus on flexibility and positive recruiting experiences in a candidate-driven market and emphasize employee retention. An EOR knows how to highlight the clients’ long-term vision and make soft skills a top priority in their hiring culture. This pragmatic approach allows improving quality-of-hire and time-to-hire—quality-of-hire being the most valuable metric that both the employers of record and their clients can use to track recruiting success. This mindset also helps increase retention rates significantly and grow talent pipelines sustainably.


EOR Services to Wisely Negotiate Staff Remuneration

Candidate expectations have shifted during the last couple of years, and potential employees demand more from future employers, especially the frontline employees or temporary staff in essential industries. More and more recruiters report increasing negotiation for higher salaries among candidates. Nowadays, practitioners must pay significantly more for the same roles because candidates are more conscious of their actual market value. Recruiters must learn to negotiate earlier in the process and ensure flawless pre-closing procedures to lock candidates down early on salary expectations. An employer of record can strategically remove this burden from the hiring managers’ shoulders.


An Employer of Record knows How to Set Up Attractive Perks

When it comes to remuneration and benefits, the traditional offerings are still most commonly asked about by candidates, including healthcare coverage. Still, new elements, like family planning, childcare, and parental leave, are rising in popularity. Flexibility and child care support are becoming standard expectations among candidates. Plus, an increasing number of job seekers are now inquiring about diversity, equity, and inclusion initiatives (DE&I). Employers of record are familiar with these requirements and prepare ad hoc recruiting roadmaps, including all of the above in their clients’ employee value proposition. This is why they can easily access a surplus of quality candidates from a larger talent pool.

An Employer of Record can Enhance Employment Processes

A modern employer of record knows how to convey distinctive employee value propositions, defining accurately the unique promise made to employees in terms of working experience, workplace conditions, and benefits they will receive. It’s critical to communicate clearly and consistently, and a good EOR like XML International will help you better differentiate yourselves. They know how to source talent locally and through non-traditional channels, leveraging, for example, social media platforms to find talent. The best global EOR service providers have a deep understanding of the knowledge, skills, attributes, and experiences indicative of future performance. They look beyond formal requirements and enable bespoke hiring processes—including interviews, realistic job previews, and assessments—to ensure the selection of more, better-fit talent.

A Global EOR can Accelerate Onboarding and Hiring Decisions

An employer of record takes the legal responsibility and helps companies speed up the onboarding process by offering very competitive salaries—calibrated to similar roles within the marketplace—and comprehensive benefits packages including non-financial rewards like, for example, continuous internal training for career advancement and personal development. They can move quickly and decisively on hiring decisions and create a first-mover advantage. This is of utmost importance in 2022, as more candidates are navigating multiple application processes simultaneously. They analyze turnover data, payroll management, scheduling, and other workforce insights to identify trends and forecast labor needs to inform your decision-making. They anticipate demographics and specific roles changes and pay close attention to exit interview feedback. They adapt processes as necessary to ensure you keep up with the competition based on time-to-fill and time-to-hire statistics.

A Global EOR can Improve the Employer-Employee Connection

As a legal employer, an employer of record knows how to prioritize recruitment efforts by frequently checking offer acceptance rates and reassessing compensation packages or revamping the interview process, as required. Working with the right global EOR can help build robust pipelines with streamlined communications and extended reach through job posting. They track each lead’s progress from applicant to candidate—and keep them engaged throughout the process.


Employers of record enhance connections with candidates throughout the recruitment lifecycle. They develop onboarding workflows for consistent experiences for every new hire—remote, on-site, or hybrid—so they can hit the ground running. They help with engagement, staying ahead of communication breakdowns, and the loss of emotional connection that comes with the new hybrid workplace with tools and techniques to encourage and measure employee engagement. Finally, they propose processes tailored to your unique environment boosting candidates’ confidence.


Why XML International Could be a Good Fit for You?

The shape of the recruitment ecosystem will be very different in the coming years. The candidate-oriented market has reshuffled the cards, driving global employers of record to find a more substantial and balanced role in the equation. XML International takes care of all your global employment tasks on your behalf, including multi-country payroll processing and compliance with labor laws and employment regulations. While we act as a registered employer, your company makes all the hiring decisions and exercises complete day-to-day control over employee activities. Partnering with XML International is one of the best ways to hire employees abroad—hassle-free—in full compliance with local laws, employment rules, and statutory regulations without setting up a legal entity in foreign countries.

A Reliable Partner for Fast Global Hiring and Onboarding

Working hand-in-hand with a global EOR like XML International offering comprehensive HRM outsourcing services can be an excellent solution to accelerate your international expansion in a foreign country or new markets. We help companies hire international employees and complement their internal teams. We can build and nurture a pool of qualified and quickly available candidates. If you need to hire fast in 2022, that’s the most viable solution, as using our existing network can save you weeks or months of research. We propose flexible, cost-effective third-party solutions designed just for you and aligned with the market. For every request, we have an answer and help you tackle highly qualified talent shortage issues.

A cost-effective approach to recruitment and employment

When you outsource your employment needs to an employer of record like XML International, you also outsource the financial risks because you control recruitment costs. Doing your recruitment in-house is not necessarily cheaper than partnering with us if you do the maths. Closest collaboration, exclusivity, commitment from both actors, building long-term relationships, and trust are the elements driving XML International’s EOR culture – all that without the need for you to create a local entity. Our partnership model is perfect for the new employment world

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