Whitepaper Cut the middlemen: Advantages of an EOR platform with local entities

Global Employer of Record

We Hire and Manage Remote Staff for You

Global Employer of Record

If you want to do business in foreign markets without the incurring costs, risks, and hassle of setting up a legal entity or exposing yourself to potential permanent establishment tax exposure, we are the right partner for you. We are a one-stop-shop dedicated to delivering personalized global employer of record services wherever you need them. As your trusted EOR, we take care of all your employment obligations.

Don’t worry about time-consuming and complex HRM tasks anymore: XML International does it all for you.

We Recruit Globally, Speedily and Compliantly.

Don't get Left Behind in the Global Economy

As a leading global employer of record services provider, we hire your global workforce on your behalf for any foreign country operations, all in strict compliance with local labor laws, employment regulations and business protocols. We ensure end-to-end management of your international teams from speedy onboarding to painless offboarding through our local entities and under a single global contract between you and XML. You keep control of your staff while we follow your HR strategy and look after your global teams for you. One of the world’s best global EOR companies, we have a growing number of branches and subsidiaries worldwide, and we are always ready to open new ones for you, wherever required.

Why Trust XML International Global EOR Services?

One Global Partner. One Global Contract.


Quick foreign markets entry

Utilizing XML International local entities means that you can skip the time and expenses needed to establish compliant employer subsidiaries in the countries where you wish to set up new operations for global expansion.



compliance and risk mitigation

With XML International acting on your behalf as the legal employer of your workforce, your compliance obligations are immediately passed to us, so your exposure to penalties and risks is significantly reduced, if not eliminated.


global payroll management

Multi-country payroll is no easy task. We simplify and manage payments to all your global workforce with a single invoice. Happy to accommodate new global payroll schemes at any time required – all under a single agreement.


HR Administration Support

We take care of all your paperwork and tedious tasks from start to finish; we provide you with a straightforward system enabling you to handle your critical HR function’s tasks and make red tape disappear.


Employee benefits expertise

In all our EOR locations, we provide all the statutory benefits required by law. Additional benefits, like bonuses, paid time off, health benefits, and retirement plans, can be arranged and tailored to meet your specific needs.


In-Country Workers Support

When your employees are based in another country, they need support. With experts on hand 24/7, you’ll have peace of mind knowing that nothing can go wrong when it matters most because our team is around for them.


Background Screening Support

With XML International, you gain a partner in the global HR background check process. We speed up procedures according to your scope of screening requirements. In the absence of it, we can conduct our own standard list of candidates checking.


Staff retention optimization

We help you reduce employee turnover and retain the best of your people so that business can thrive. It begins with hiring correctly, followed by an appropriate onboarding process. We advise on how to set up competitive compensation packages for them.


Top Support for Mobilization and Immigration

We Master the logistics behind global mobility

Global Employer of Record

We are global mobility specialists. We know what candidates’ relocation involves and what staff mobilization into new markets encompasses. With XML International, your teams will have all immigration formalities and relocation procedures professionally handled by specialists fluent in foreign cross-border protocols. Your overseas employees can always touch base with our account managers, their single contact points dealing with their visa requirements, work permit sponsorship, and more services related to expatriation. With such high-end global employer of record services, we can also ensure seamless coordination between your headquarters, your regional offices, and our local entities throughout your employees’ assignments.

  • Global Immigration services.
  • Immigration and visa formalities
  • Work permit sponsorship and residency 
  • Compliance with local immigration procedures
  • End-to-end coordination and ongoing support
  • Relocation and operational in-country support

A Truly Global Employer of Record

We are present even in the most remote locations

We have been able to expand our global employer of record services and grow as a company by offering new EOR entities to accommodate the needs of all of our clients. We propose the broadest range of solutions for North America, Latin America, Asia-Pacific, Europe, the Middle East, and Africa, even in the most remote locations. Find out if we are already present in your target geography.

Our Global EOR Services Benefits at a glance

We are always here for you. Anywhere, Anytime.

We are your reliable partner on each of your projects, and we ensure you have what it takes in any situation. Our services cover everything from start to finish. For example, we can place your new hires onto our payroll, set up direct deposits or other payment schedules that best fit their needs, and provide ongoing tax guidance throughout the employees’ lifecycle – at no additional cost – so they can focus on work.

You keep your supervision

Being recruited by our team or referred by you, we hire staff and add them to our local payroll. You control how they work and how much they get paid while we take care of all legal requirements like initiating salaries or taxes. You can learn a lot from our expertise.

You have absolute clarity

We’re all about transparency when it comes to respective obligations and mutual expectations. From working hours to wages, all is clarified through our labor agreements and work contracts, all compliant with local regulations and detailed under our single service level agreement (SLA).

we give you different options

Our employer of record service delivery model allows you toeither hire permanent team members or fill long-term full-time positions – or both – globally and across all industries. Unlike traditional staffing companies that only provide short-term solutions with limited options for global reach – we help your business grow in ways never before possible through our cost-effective and scalable process.

We offer you new perspectives

Remote work is no longer a trend, and it’s not going away. To keep up with the transformation of our market, a growing number of companies rely on our global EOR services to hire remote workers for their vacancies regardless of the location. Offering competitive salaries and benefits helps you stand out among other employers and talents will appreciate your commitment to long-term engagements.

one touchpoint. No intermediaries

Say goodbye to sub-contractors and off-shore call centers

We work under the fully-owned infrastructure model, not the aggregator model. We own our entire infrastructure in every country, meaning that we employ global talent on your behalf under our local entities. We deliver our services without third-party contract obligations through a vast network of professionals instead of contracting out work as other EORs do. Our global employer of record services are built to scale. We have enough legal expertise and experience to satisfy the needs of any organization growing overseas, regardless of its size, industry, or location. Partnering with XML International, one of the world’s best employers of record, will help unlock the full international potential of your business.

Focus on Global growth

We take care of all things global employment

We act as an outsourced back-office administrator for any organization. We accelerate onboarding and handle salaries, benefits, HR duties, regulatory technicalities linked to international staffing and more, on your behalf. We manage any auxiliary HR process, including payroll, that you may find time-consuming or too difficult to manage. With our trusted and reliable global EOR services, we’ll take care of all your employer obligations while supervising your staff abroad, so you have more time to grow your business and focus on your global mobility strategy. Why open an entity in foreign countries when you can use ours? Why waste money when we offer comprehensive employer of record services for risk-free global workforce management?

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We help you hire and oversee your teams in all those geographies and more, even in the most remote locations.