Global Contingent Workforce Management services

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Your business needs skilled temporary employees for your operations overseas? No problem. XML International can find you the best contingent workers with the appropriate skillset, even on short notice and even if your requirement is complex. We are the global contingent workforce expert providing you with qualified temps, filling your short-term positions worldwide, and having the local infrastructure to handle everything in compliance with local labor laws and employment regulations.

Access the best temporary workers while we take care of everything, from hiring to compliance and payroll.

Reliable and Profitable Temporary Staffing Solutions

Your Full-Service Partner for Temps Administration

If you’re looking for a proper contingent workforce management (CWM) partner to help you recruit and supervise temporary staff globally on fair wages, XML International is the smartest choice. Our short-term staffing specialists propose simple, straightforward, and cost-effective solutions worldwide. Our scope of services stretches across all employment and contracting stages, from sourcing and hiring to onboarding and remuneration, while preventing you from hidden fees and high markups.

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No borders. No Risks. Just Results.

The flexibility and quick turnaround of international contingent workers provide a competitive advantage in a globalized economy. However, the global temporary work model can be a headache for business owners and HR managers. Whether you’re looking to hire top-level executives or just entry-level staff, we’ve got your back with strategy-driven, proven-efficient, and compliant solutions. Trust us to avoid any issues that may arise from hiring and managing contingent workers – we’re experts at minimizing risk.

UK-based and present in more than 120 countries, XML International is the best global temporary staffing service provider for businesses needing a temporary workforce overseas. We specialize in temporary employment and contracting services for companies who want their global expansion’s success guaranteed by highly qualified temporary employees and contractors at every level possible

Streamline your global CWM Processes

Experience next generation contingent workforce management Solutions

If you want to gain better access to quality temporary talent to do business abroad at scale, we can help manage your costs, mitigate risks and use efficient workflows to get the most of your global contingent workforce. We have the vision, expertise, and processes to help you reduce expenses, avoid misclassification or co-employment risks, and optimize HR MSP services.

Strategic Benefits of our Global CWM

Hiring Top Global Temp Talent for less

Our global contingent workforce services consist of scalable solutions for your non-permanent staffing needs. Whether you’re looking for full-time employees or on-demand contract workers to tackle short-term projects, we can help connect the dots between your hiring requirements and our extensive pipelines of talented, vetted candidates.


Agile & Felxible Practice

We have a track record of providing temporary workers to our clients during peak demand periods and when staffing shortages occur. If you’re expanding your business into new markets, we analyze your requirements, promptly identify, short-list, and hire suitable candidates for you, guaranteeing that they have the right skillsets for your business project.


Consulting & Headhunting

We offer unparalleled insight and a head-start in the competition for your next hire. We are experts at proactively finding professionals that fit difficult-to-fill positions using our proprietary process. From hardworking individuals at the entry-level with specific niche knowledge to critical C-level roles involving revenue generation, we know exactly what you need


Specialized projects support

With expert knowledge of your industry and a global network of consultants, we’re the go-to global temporary employment outsourcing company. We rely on our decades-long experience, in-depth business intelligence, and international markets research to ensure that your company’s standards are met accurately, no matter where and when you need CWM.

Your international CWM Needs, Customized.

A Contingent Workforce as Diverse as you Are

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We pride ourselves in providing our clients with highly personalized services across North America, Latin America, Asia-Pacific, Europe, the Middle East, and Africa, even in the most remote locations. We accompany them at each stage of their engagement with us – from sourcing potential hires to managing them once they’ve come aboard as recruits. We’re here to help you leverage the full potential of your global contingent workers today. Whatever challenge you face on your quest for exceptional global temporary workers, our team is qualified to tackle it. We’ve been creating effective contingent engagement programs for years now, drawing on our experience from across the entire spectrum of recruitment services: diversity and inclusion, assessment and selection, employer branding – all this being just what we do best!

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We help you hire and oversee your teams in all those geographies and more, even in the most remote locations.