Employment Visa Outsourcing: Sponsorship for Employers

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If a decision has been made to invest in assigning employees overseas, you’ll want to begin the process of arranging visas and work permits without the risk of errors and delays. 

Securing visas can also be a lengthy process and, in most cases, you will need to gain a sponsorship licence to employ someone to work for you if they are in a different country. Limited internal resources, expensive costs and variations in local immigration regulations can make securing an employee visa a complex process. 

For those HR departments that have too much work on their hands or have never secured visas before, it can be crucial to seek guidance from a Global Employer of Record to reduce the likelihood of errors, delays and non-compliance. Whether you’re looking to relocate a new recruit or existing worker, to or from the UK, EU, Middle-East, Africa, APAC or Americas, an Employer of Record can ensure a smooth and timely transition.

At XML International, we act as a Global Employer of Record and provide a complete visa and immigration coordination service for your business. This means that, if you have an employee looking to relocate, we can support with an end-to-end immigration coordination service to take full responsibility of securing the visa and helping you stay compliant along the way.

What is Employment Visa Outsourcing?

Employment visa sponsorship can be a complex process that many employers are unfamiliar with. This is why employers often source the help of a Global Employer of Record to support with global visa services, hiring, local payroll, compliance and risk mitigation, HR support and assistance with immigration and relocation.

Outsourcing the management of employment visas, also known as employment visa outsourcing, takes the hassle out of arranging work permits and visas as this can be coordinated with ongoing support throughout an employee’s assignment. 

With Brexit now leading to the UK using a points-based immigration system, general difficulties gaining a Permanent Resident Card (green card) to legally live, work and study in the United States, and with many countries now stepping up their immigration control, using an experienced Global Employer of Record to create supporting documentation and evidence is crucial for a smooth transition.

If you’re looking to arrange a visa for an employee looking to relocate, whether that be to relocate to your location of workplace or if you’re looking to establish your business in new territories, an Employer of Record can deal with all immigration protocol on your behalf and support your employees with all ongoing matters relating to their relocation. 

An Employer of Record can take out a chunk of the legwork by taking on responsibility for formal employment tasks, including arranging work permits and visas.

What Are the Benefits of Employment Visa Outsourcing?

Complete Coordination

You might not be surprised to hear that securing visas and work permits for employees is invariably complicated and time-consuming. An Employer of Record can handle the complete coordination of employee visas, taking full responsibility to leave your HR department in control of their core responsibilities.

A Smooth Transition

Whether you’re looking to relocate a new recruit or existing worker, to or from the UK, EU, Middle-East, Africa, APAC or Americas, an Employer of Record can ensure every aspect of the transition goes smoothly and in a timely manner.

As every immigration application is unique, an Employer of Record can also assess the applicant eligibility to ensure the assignment is not impacted by immigration delays or issues.

A Single Point of Contact

As there is likely to be questions throughout the process of relocating, an Employer of Record acts as a single point of contact to provide one-to-one support, respond to any queries and coordinate the visa requirements, work permit sponsorship and relocation. They liaise with relevant authorities, advise on timelines, handle processes and provide guidance on appropriate immigration routes for employees and relocating family members, if necessary.

Ongoing Support

As Employers of Record have extensive expertise and experience, they are able to provide this support and reduce the likelihood of issues arising. As well as having a single point of contact to discuss the process with at all times, you’ll also have ongoing support should an issue arise. They support with arranging necessary appointments and collate application documentation and forms as supporting evidence for complete accuracy.

Arrangement of Visas on a Global Basis

Employers of Record (EOR) generally work around the globe to secure visas and work permits. They manage the entire process on a global basis and, if needed, can establish a new EOR entity to support with the relocation, regardless of where in the world it is.

International Tax and Visa Compliance

Arranging a visa can be a complex process with many technicalities involved. As this can involve laws and local regulations that are difficult to keep up with, an Employer of Record has the understanding of these laws and regulations and can ensure complete compliance along the way.

Employment Visa Outsourcing with XML International

As a Global Employer of Record, our service allows you to benefit from an infrastructure of local knowledge, expertise and one-to-one support during the entire process of securing a visa. We also ensure you stay compliant to reduce immigration risk exposure.

The ability to invest in overseas employees enables your business to recruit, retain and deploy talent across the globe. This makes it quicker, easier and less costly for you to expand into new markets, launch new projects or fulfil new international contracts. 

The main benefit of employment visa outsourcing is the management and responsibility for arranging visas is taken over by an Employer of Record with the experience, knowledge and ability to coordinate the entire process.

If you would like to find out more about our employment visa outsourcing services and how we get involved with sponsoring work permits, please visit our Global Employer of Record page and get in touch for more information.

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