Contingent Labor Reform in Spain 2022 | XML International

Contingent Labor Reform in Spain: What Changes in 2022? Spain just passed a historic labor law reform to improve employment stability and boost the labor market. The new legislation is meant to ensure workers’ protection and end unemployment. With significant restrictions to temporary work, the reform puts the legality of staffing supply models at stake. […]

4 Ways Staffing MSP will Change in 2022

In a post-pandemic world where businesses struggle to manage their temporary workforce due to strategic hurdles and lack of operational governance structures, managed services programs (MSP) service providers have stepped up as the go-to partners helping them scale faster and better. XML International’s next-generation global MSP solutions provide global companies with new ways to improve […]

How to select the right GEO for you in 2021

Global Employment: How to Avoid Bad Decisions in 2021? For companies looking to expand their global reach, it’s essential to choose the right international employment solutions. Though there are many options available for your company abroad, deciding what is best can be difficult. The first step in this process should always be understanding the ins […]

Employment Visa Outsourcing: Sponsorship for Employers

If a decision has been made to invest in assigning employees overseas, you’ll want to begin the process of arranging visas and work permits without the risk of errors and delays.  Securing visas can also be a lengthy process and, in most cases, you will need to gain a sponsorship licence to employ someone to […]

What is RPO | Recruitment Process Outsourcing?

Team discussing RPO

While traditional recruitment agencies are responsible for advertising roles and finding suitable candidates, this can quite often take longer to find the best candidate for the position and doesn’t necessarily free up the time and resources of an HR department. However, Recruitment Process Outsourcing providers can take this pain away and are an effective solution […]

9 Profit Driven Reasons to Outsource Recruitment

Recruitment can be a huge cost, particularly if there isn’t much time on your hands or you’re recruiting internationally. As an outsource recruitment agency that provides international recruitment to businesses all across the globe, we support a variety of industries with the recruitment life cycle, from beginning to end. If you’re wondering “why outsource recruitment?” then you […]

Why International Organizations Need an Employer of Record

Why International Organisations Need An Employer of Record

International organisations (or those looking to expand globally) are likely to experience difficulties when staying on top of local regulations. While hiring and managing globally distributed teams has always been a complex task for multinational organisations, there’s likely to be a lot of confusion surrounding Brexit and challenges brought on due to restrictions over the […]