9 Profit Driven Reasons to Outsource Recruitment

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Recruitment can be a huge cost, particularly if there isn’t much time on your hands or you’re recruiting internationally.

As an outsource recruitment agency that provides international recruitment to businesses all across the globe, we support a variety of industries with the recruitment life cycle, from beginning to end.

If you’re wondering “why outsource recruitment?” then you may be surprised by the profit-driven benefits that outsourcing your recruitment can bring to your organisation. Outsourcing recruitment can offer quick turnaround, reduction in costs and better quality of hire, among many other benefits that are listed below.

1. Quicker recruitment process

Recruitment can be costly, and if you haven’t got the resources or time to put into recruitment, you may find yourself running job advertisements for longer than is necessary, with little to show but vacant job roles. Moreover, if you’re looking to recruit in a new foreign country, it’s likely you’ll have limited knowledge of the locality. Instead of wasting time researching and translating job specs, have peace of mind that the entire process will be taken care of.

With a recruitment company, recruiting is a much faster process as recruiters have a responsibility to dedicate their time and efforts to finding the right candidate and narrowing down their list of potential candidates. Recruiters have a list of candidates waiting for the perfect role to come along, so you may find yourself interviewing a candidate on the very same day. Otherwise, recruiting internally can leave you waiting several weeks for the right candidate to come along.

Whereas, if you simply haven’t got the time to focus on recruiting new employees, your time will be wasted on lengthy hiring processes, which isn’t helpful if you’re a busy manager. Unfortunately, poorly managed recruitment inevitably increases time-to-hire, with interviews dragging on and the best candidates snapped up by your competition.

2. Focus on what’s more important

If time is limited, carrying out recruitment internally is likely to be a longer process and can take time away from doing the tasks that are more important.

As an example, if there is a current project you are working on which is a real money maker, spending time recruiting can take you away from these projects. Outsourcing recruitment to handle recruiting new members of staff can leave you to focus on aspects that are more cost-effective for you and your business.

3.Better quality of candidates

Unfortunately, it can be common for candidates to not be the right match, and this sometimes isn’t evident until after a few weeks of employment. If you aren’t experienced with recruitment, there can be a higher risk of finding the wrong candidates.

Outsourcing a recruitment company that specialises in recruitment can lead you to better quality candidates with more skills and experience. A recruiter can take the time to understand your business and can filter out unsuitable candidates, leaving essentially just the better candidates for you to review and consider.

Recruitment specialists have a myriad of factors to identify the right person for the job and are trained to bring the qualities that best align with your business. And, recruiters typically have a long list of suitable candidates waiting for the position you are advertising.

Finding the right match can be crucial for your business and can help drive your profits. Whereas finding the wrong match can be costly.

4.Reduced time spent interviewing

According to employment agency, Reed, the average interview lasts anywhere between 45 minutes and one hour. For jobs that are more skilled, this can be much longer.

If you’re a business owner handling recruitment and interviews on your own, you’ll understand that you may have 10 bad interviews for every good interview, meaning that your time isn’t spent effectively.

However, outsourced recruitment can carry out initial interviews to get to know each of the candidates to narrow down to just a few that are worth interviewing for the role. Recruiters can take the time to identify if a candidate is suitable for the position, and if not, they can be removed from the shortlist. This means that, rather than you interviewing 10 people for a role, you may only interview three, saving you time and money.

5. Access to new graduates

Graduates make for great candidates. They are hard-working, dedicated and are an affordable hiring option if you are willing to give them experience. Graduates can also bring a fresh and innovative perspective and are likely to be more in touch with current trends. They can be invaluable for your business and can recognise solutions that you may not have already considered.

Most graduates are registered with recruitment agencies to help them find the perfect role. Meaning that if you are in search of some of the best graduates who are trained in your industry, you may want to outsource your recruitment to snap up these graduates before your competitors do.

6.International recruitment made easy

International recruitment can be costly, and if you’re looking to branch out your business to new countries, costs can add up when it comes to face-to-face interviews.

And, if hiring in new continents, for example, if you’re looking to expand your business to Australia, you may experience problems with time zones and arranging interviews at a suitable time. This won’t be a huge issue if recruiting one or two employees, but if you are recruiting for an entire team, you may experience several challenges along the way.

If you outsource an international recruitment agency, you’ll be able to have recruiters that are more flexible with recruiting, can operate face-to-face interviews and are able to take on the process of recruitment on your behalf. This means that you can save time and money when recruiting and interviewing.

7.Compliance with recruiting

Recruiters are trained and up-to-date on regulations with recruiting. They are fully educated on the legal aspects relating to good recruitment practice, this is even more important when recruiting internationally and understanding the local laws.

Recruitment laws and regulations vary around the world. If you are looking to recruit internationally, then, unfortunately, you’ll need to be clued up on these regulations to avoid unwanted fines.

If you fail to comply with local hiring regulations, you may be breaking the law and can be fined. As an example, if you fail to check that an employee has the right to work in the UK, you can be fined up to £20,000, which can be a costly mistake if you aren’t fully aware of the processes you must take during recruiting and hiring.

A professional recruitment agency can prevent employers from engaging in non-compliant recruitment practices with risk limitation and supporting compliance with local hiring regulations.

8.Reduced burden on HR departments

HR departments have the responsibility to tackle internal issues arising within the organisation, as well as holding performance management reviews, providing guidance and support for employees, taking care of employee wellbeing and implementing regulations to make the workplace better.

However, if the HR department is forced away with handling these internal aspects to recruit for new positions, you may find issues crop up that can be both costly and damaging. It works out more cost-effective for an HR department to handle internal issues rather than recruitment.


When your in-house recruiters are busy, overloaded, or are experiencing peak times, recruitment can often take a back seat.

Outsourcing your recruitment company can help you better address any variance in demand. If you need to scale a business/project quickly, outsourced recruitment will allow you to scale quickly and more effectively.

Recruitment process outsourcing

Outsourcing the recruitment process will give you access to the best quality, job-specific hiring options within the shortest possible time frame.

We provide a global service for managing your entire recruitment process that saves costs and drives profit within your business. We take the time to learn and adapt to your company’s culture and values in order to align our recruitment for better quality hires.

Some of the industries we have worked with include IT, telecom, project management, cyber and IT security, sales, compliance, legal, accountancy and finance, engineering, and banking.

If you’d like to find out more about recruitment process outsourcing or are curious about why you need to outsource recruitment, please get in touch to see how we can help your business.

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