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Through our local entities, we quickly and compliantly recruit, onboard, oversee and pay teams for you anywhere in the world. With all-inclusive global employer of record services and top international workforce management solutions in over 120 countries, XML International is the go-to global workforce outsourcing partner for any business willing to expand overseas risk-free.

Cost-Effective Global Talent Management Solutions

We Make it Simple for your People to Work across Borders

You need the best talent for operations around the world? As a global employer of record, we can get them for you in record time. Either on a temporary or permanent basis, we hire and onboard them in a snap. We look after them 24/7 and throughout the employment lifecycle, so you can just ditch the costs and troubles of creating a local legal entity in any given geography.

At XML International, we believe that any business should be granted access to the same world-class talent and benefit from the same globalization opportunities. Therefore, we provide all clients with the best global resources they need to succeed without worrying about compliance issues and payroll processing.

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Global Employment Outsourcing Solutions.

Global Workforce Solutions

If you need to grow your workforce, but do not have the capabilities needed to deal with everything involved, we can help you by tailoring our services and solutions to meet your precise needs in any country required.

Global Employer of Record

If you wish to establish a new operation anywhere in the world, but do not have the necessary infrastructure, our Employer of Record services enable you to do so quickly, efficiently and compliantly.

Outsourcing Global Employment Tasks. What's in for you?

Country-Specific Services designed by a Global EOR

We deliver bespoke human resources outsourcing services globally. A worldwide trusted and leading employer of record, XML International handles on your behalf all the risks and difficulties related to global employment. Our end-to end EOR services for the recruitment and management of permanent personnel or contingent workforce allow you to do business abroad without local offices while freeing you from complex formalities and paperwork. 

At XML International, a full team of legal experts, specializing in global mobility, ensure, in real-time, total compliance with all local employment regulations, labour laws, and immigration formalities wherever you want to operate. We remove the administrative and financial burden from your shoulders so that you can focus on growing your business.

Top Global Employment Outsourcing Services

The Future of Work is Global. Are you Ready?

Are you looking for ways to improve your remote workforce administration? We can help. As more companies are shifting toward more flexible working models, our global employer of record and workforce management services will accommodate any needs that arise with the demand and supply fluctuations of an increasingly dynamic global work marketplace.


Integrated Approach

Our clients range from startups and SMBs to global corporations. Whether they want to explore and test new markets or consolidate complex multi-country activities, we ensure that each of them gets everything under one roof. Whatever you need, we’ve got you covered at all stages of the human resources management lifecycle.


No intermediaries

From start to finish, we do everything in-house. Unless you ask for it, we don’t rely on third-party. Our system is self-contained and fully integrated with yours, allowing us to provide a lean cost structure, minimize potential disruptions, ensure absolute transparency, and uphold our own HRM quality standards.


Tailored Solutions

Every business is different. There’s no one-size-fits-all for global employment, so we propose fully customized and personalized solutions for each client – regardless of their size or industry and the geography they target. Our teams communicate directly with you, building lasting trust and performing international HR tasks seamlessly, with speed, precision, and integrity.


End-to-End Service

Our dedicated teams ensure that you are never out of the loop. From sourcing and onboarding, through day-to-day operations, all the way to offboarding, we take care of every aspect of your project no matter where your workforce is located around the world. XML International is the ultimate one-stop-shop for your global human resources management needs.

Truly Global EOR Services with local Expertise

Local Workforce Solutions for global mobility

We are compliance specialists with inside-out knowledge of foreign markets. Our in-country legal experts help you navigate the complexities of local employment regulations, labor laws, and business protocols in North America, Latin America, Asia-Pacific, Europe, the Middle East, and Africa, even in the most remote locations. We propose the most extensive range of country-specific GEO services and the quickest and most personalized global workforce management solutions in the market.

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“Working with XML International is a pleasure; quick turnaround, great resources and very professional service. XML is a trusted partner that can always be relied on to deliver in any location in Africa, or beyond.”

Head of Enterprise Business Africa


“XML contributed for Teva Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd. in IT SOX Management testing work for different applications and a big amount of IT general controls and IT application controls. Therefore, at the end of the year, we were proud of having completed all required testing and remediation tracking activities in order to ensure IT SOX compliance for Teva European countries.”

Head of IT Compliance


“As a Global Head of Procurement, I am happy to commend XML International for the continued support that they have been providing us across the Americas, EMEA and Asia-Pacific regions. XML have demonstrated flexibility, speed and professionalism – and not less important very reasonable pricing – that was recognized by our business units, and have turned them within few years to become one of our top suppliers globally.”

Head of Procurement


Fast-Track your Growth in Foreign Markets

Increase your Footprint Abroad any Time

With XML International, being operational in promising markets without setting up local subsidiaries only takes a few days. One of the world’s leading international professional employment organizations (PEO), we reduce globalization-related risks, guarantee statutory compliance with local regulations, and streamline global employment processes. At the same time, you keep control of your HR function, mobilization strategy, and international teams’ remuneration and structure.

Start Building or Developing International Teams

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Partnering with XML International means that you can entirely focus on expanding your business abroad while saving time and money. We propose remote workforce administration through our global EOR services, contingent workforce solutions, managed service programs for temporary staff, recruitment process outsourcing, and more. The best part is that we remain your only touchpoint throughout the process as we never subcontract to third-party suppliers – unless you ask for it.

Our global human resources specialists hire the best people for you. You have access to the broadest international talents pipelines and have the opportunity to set up and empower teams seamlessly and distribute them across the globe. The best GEO solutions for your multi-country workforce challenges are just a phone call away!

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